Variable Valve Timing & Lift Explained


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Automotive Variable Valve Timing and Lift Explained (book on PDF)

(Includes electronic Hydraulic valve timing and lift) By Mandy Concepcion

This book, Automotive Variable Valve Timing & Lift Explained of which there's also a companion DVD by the same title, is a one and only up to date work that covers automotive electronic variable valve timing and lift. The way things are shaping up, car makers are doing away with the throttle butterfly valve and relying on valve lift to accelerate the engine. Yes, no more throttle in the near future. This technology has matured and is here. Almost all car manufacturers are using some form of variable valve lift. Variable valve timing on the other hand is an even older technology and present on almost all cars today.

This book and companion DVD-Video goes deep into the operation of both, variable valve lift and timing. It explains the principles according to each manufacturer. This is one area of technology where it really pays to know the system and the system changes drastically depending on the vehicle’s brand name. Various systems such as Mercedes-Benz Camtronic, BMW Valvetronic, Variocam, Ford CTA, Toyota Neo VVL, Honda V-Tec and many others are covered. This is by far, the most complete book of its kind for this particular technology. It’ll give you the knowledge needed to understand these systems. So enjoy and learn… Special thanks given to all the techs and shops who supported my investigations on this technology.

Table of Contents

· Engine Camshaft Timing Synchronization

· Timing Marks Alignment

· Hydraulic Valve Lifter

· Variable CAM Timing

· Toyota VVT-iE Variable Valve Timing

· VTEC Honda Valve Lift Operation

· VTEC Pressure Switch

· Honda VTEC Solenoid Testing

· BMW VANOS or Variable Valve Timing

· Double VANOS

· BMW VVT Vanos Repair

· BMW Valvetronic Electronic Valve Lift


· FORD CTA Torque Valve Timing

· Dodge VVT Valve Timing.

· Nissan NEO VVL Valve Timing.

· Porsche Variocam Plus Valve Timing.

· Toyota Valvematic Valve Timing.

· Mercedes-Benz Camtronic Valve Timing.