ShowSize License-pack for 5 Computers (Server Edition 6.0)

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1 - 4 $49.50
5+ $37.50

Please change the quantity above to buy more 5-computer-license-packs as necessary.

Each license-pack purchased allows you to install the software on up to 5 computers which can be Windows Server machines or PCs/Workstations. There is no restriction on the number of users using ShowSize on those computers. Buy as many 5-computer-license packs as necessary to cover the total number of Windows Server machines that you want to install ShowSize on.

For best performance, avoid scanning drives across a network

Although, you can scan shared network drives hosted on other computers, for best performance, you should install ShowSize locally on all those Server Computers that host the drives to be scanned for disk space analysis. There is a convenient feature to save file lists on any computer and view them on any other computer by using ShowSize or the accompanying utility ShowSize Analyze.

Convenient Installs and Updates!

Installer that continues to work for reinstalls, No Internet required

You get the latest ShowSize installer by download. Please save the Installer (around 36 MB in size) and use it to easily reinstall ShowSize on other computers. No Internet connection needed for activation.

Download Link that continues to work for re-download

This great download facility is given by Fastspring, our reseller. So if the link doesn't work, you can contact them in the event that you can not contact us for any reason.

Same Download Link will give you Software Updates!

The above download link will continue to work to give you free updates for minor version updates and improvements.

Recommend that you save the installer and the Email with License code

So that you can use them to install on another computer in case the download link does not work.

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