ShowSize 5.7 Pro Edition 5-computer-license Pack


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1 - 4 $99.00
5+ $75.00

Change the quantity above to buy for more computers.

Each copy purchased allows you to install the software on up to 5 computers for use by any number of users only on those computers. Buy as many 5-license packs as necessary to cover the total number of computers you want to run ShowSize Pro on.

For best performance, avoid scanning drives across a network

Although, you can scan shared network drives hosted on other computers, for best performance, you should install ShowSize locally on all those computers that are hosting the drives to be often scanned for disk space analysis.

What you get is ShowSize Pro edition with free updates and support for 24 months

  • Runs on Windows 10 and on earlier Windows editions down to XP.
  • Get Unicode support for all operations, such as, printing and export.
  • Save Tons of time by "excluding" undesired folders from the scan operation. For example, you should exclude System and Program Files folder.
  • Save and view reports later for analysis, even on a different system!
  • "ShowSize Analyze" utility is included to help you apply advanced filters and analysis on the saved reports.
  • Get 7 types of folder and file lists and reports--see details on web site.

This purchase includes 24 months of free updates and support

You will get new version announcements within the software itself that obtains them from Internet. You will be able to download updates from our self-service web site

What happens after 24 months are over?

The software keeps working as this is a perpetual license. But you won't get updates till you buy the same license again. You might get an upgrade discount depending on how soon you buy it after the expiry of 24 months.

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