WhizFolders Single-User License


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1 - 4 $29.95
5+ $19.95

Runs on Windows 10 and 7

Licensed for use on Many Computers

Each single-user license allows installation and use on many computers as long as you are the user.

You get the latest WhizFolders 7.2

Save the Installer (around 25 MB in size) and use it to easily reinstall WhizFolders on other computers as long as you are the user. No Internet connection needed for activation.

Download Link

You get a download link that will continue to work so that you can re-download the software that you purchased. This great download facility is given by Fastspring, our reseller. So if the link doesn't work, you can contact them even if you can not contact us for any reason. It's recommended that you SAVE the Email that contains the download link and the license code. Please ALSO SAVE the installer so that you can use it to install on another computer in case the download link does not work.

Software Updates

We will also try to give you free updates for minor improvements from the same download link as described above for 1 year and sometimes, even more depending on new features. For example, we may continue to give you free updates if we feel that we haven't added sufficient new features to justify an upgrade. If there are major improvements and you need the latest version, you may need to buy an upgrade (discounted price) to get the latest version.

Already using an OLDER version of WhizFolders?

  • WhizFolders 7.2 installs in a separate folder and can coexist with an older version.
  • WhizFolder file format has not changed. You can continue using your existing WhizFolder files with the new version.
  • It automatically imports settings from the older version. You can uninstall the older version later.

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