Facing Up to Life & Love


By facing the problems and emotions that trouble us we can go deeper into being.

‘If you don’t face your problem it just festers and festers – it creates more problems and you never get free. You have to look at your problem and face it. Your problem is the guardian of the threshold. You have to pass through this guardian – be fine enough, intelligent enough to go through it. Then you pass into a new level of intelligence, of profundity.’

Barry Long shows us that facing up to life and love, without avoidance, is a means for transformation. Facing the truth of how things are is liberating. To do this you must look straight at problems, face their true cause, and be responsible for your life. Inevitably this means addressing the areas of our deepest disturbance sexuality and lack of love. Barry Long uses real-life situations from the audience to illustrate this.

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