BL-Stop Fighting-You've Already Won.mp3


'Are you climbing into the screen? When you fight or try, you attach yourself to the picture instead of just being the picture. In being, you detach more and more from this identification. The only way to do this is to have an intimation of something more real than the movie – and that is the other.’ By struggling with the problems in our life, could it actually be that we are fueling the life of the problem, rather than the solution? Barry Long points to a new possibility, a way of being which takes the fear and personal affliction out of circumstance. This is not by passive dis-identification but by an entirely active and practical way of addressing your life. First you have to realise the true nature of existence and your own responsibility for it. Then you can consciously unite with the power of life – the power to effect change without struggle. ‘Why not open yourself up to life and face the new, here, in life. Run time: 62 minutes