CP GF1 Guerilla Shooting


In this 2-hour video, Bert Stephani takes you with him on a location shoot with his favorite model Erika. Bert is a firm believer in the freedom you get from shooting "guerilla style" with just one camera, one lens and one light. For this shoot, Bert took minimalism to a new level by shooting with the compact Panasonic Lumix GF1 with the 20mm pancake lens, a simple all manual Lumopro LP160 flash and cheap Cactus radiotriggers. You'll get to see the whole process:Bert explains why he choose this minimalistic setup and discusses the gear used. You'll see how things come together during the shoot and Bert talks you through his setups and isn't afraid to also show you the things that didn't work. Post processing is an integral part of a shoot and you'll get to see how Bert processes his images in Lightroom.