"Journey To Light" By Beth Lynch-DownLoad EBook


Journey To Light “Meditation for the Soul" A journey into understanding the relationship between Self (personality) & your Spirit (personal connection to God) will be powerful and enlightening. These meditations can be approached in workbook style (recommended for first read) or can skip through, letting your intuition guide you. They are easily read and meant to be a "conscious" meditation experience. The intention is to take you into the depths of consciousness by understanding the communication of the Soul. Learn how to enter the chakras with the breath, compassion & understanding, so you will nurture the relationship between mind, heart, body and Soul. Our interpretation to God is a personal expression. Whatever your spiritual foundation is, you will find the intentions of the experiences are with the utmost respect and wisdom for all beliefs. The meditations take you into the depths of the subconscious to assist you in healing past, embrace the present and create the future you deserve.