AVI-Easy 9 Ball Safeties (90 MB)


(AVI format) The concept of defensive shooting in 9 Ball is explained in dozens of books and videos. Unfortunately, only a few obvious examples are provided. This actually limits your ability to play safeties because there are so few realistic examples.

This 24 minute video demonstrates dozens of 9 Ball defensivetactics and shots. Closely study the many ways to create problems for your opponent. With these examples and a few short practice sessions, you will significantly improve your capability to make effective and intelligent shot choices. Your defensive shot library will expand - a lot.

I guess I am like most players. I really do not like to play safe. When taking lessons from Allan, he pointed out how necessary it is to play defense when there is no good shot. Before, I always seemed to take the more complicated choice. With this video I learned that simpler is better and much easier to shoot too. The video showed me so many choices that do not require fancy shooting.


For Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, etc. I recommend the free VLC media player. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

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