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When you want to get a handle on the shooting and playing fundamentals, this is the best place to begin. Here's a chance to save money and get the key information that will rapidly improve you skills.

The "Basics of Pool" bundle includes three important books for players who want to establish solid fundamentals and shooting skills:

Basic Cue Ball Control Fundamentals
Provides a combination of fundamental information and hands-on exercises to rapidly improve your skills.

Basic Defense & Safety Fundamentals
Solid introduction to effective use of safeties and defensive shots. Offense is NOT the only way to win. Carefully applied defensive tactics will win more games.

The FAQs of Pool & Pocket Billiards
More than 200 pages of material about basic skills, knowledge, game rules, pool term definitions.


Books are in PDF format. For BEST viewing results, use the Adobe Reader app on each of your smart devices. Study anytime you have a waiting moment. Display layouts at the practice table.

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