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Secrets of One Rail Kicks video
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AVI-One Rail Kicks (182 MB)$14.00
FLV-One Rail Kicks (181 MB)$14.00

(50 minutes - AVI format) Successful simple formulas for any one rail kick, regardless of cue ball and object ball position. The formulas work on 7, 8, 9, 10 foot tables - both cross-side and long table kicks. It doesn't matter where the cue ball and object ball are positioned. The formulas will get you a legal hit.

There are two bonus sections:

- how to use side spin (10:30, 11:00, 11:30, 12:30, 1:00, 1:30 english) to get predictable cue ball paths and patterns.

- an easy to learn diamond counting system for 2-rail kicks.

Easy 9 Ball Safeties video
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AVI-Easy 9 Ball Safeties (90 MB)$7.00
FLV-Easy 9 Ball Safeties (89 MB)$7.00

(24 minutes-AVI Format) Dozens of useful 9 Ball defensive tactics.

You will need to put in some practice table time to "get a feel" how these work. After that, you can easily provide lots of frustrating layouts for your opponents.

Aiming with Cue Ball Side Spin video
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AVI Aim with Cue Ball Side Spin (75 MB)$7.00
FLV-Aim with Cue Ball Side Spin (77 MB)$7.00

(21 minutes-AVI format) How to shoot and aim the cue ball with side spin. Two techniques are provided. Both techniques ensure that the object ball gets put in the pocket. Plus the cue ball will spin into and out of the first rail on the path you need the cue ball to travel.

Every shot is shown in regular real-time speed, and a slow motion speed to understand the mechanics.

Kicking to a Big Ball video
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AVI-Kick to Big Ball (47 MB)$6.00
FLV-Kick to Big Ball (46 MB)$6.00

(12 minutes-AVI Format) Discover how easy it is to successfully kick to any object ball near a rail or corner. Examples include one, two, three, and four rail kicks to hit the target object ball.

Combined with the "One Rail Kicking" video, your opponent will soon learn that hidden balls are simple AND easy to reach.

How to Cheat Pockets video
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AVI How to Cheat Pockets (50 MB)$5.50
FLV How to Cheat Pockets (50 MB)$5.50

(13 minutes-AVI format) How to use various pocket cheating techniques to get the cue ball to the right position for the next shot. Best used for shots with the object ball up to 1/2 diamond from the pocket.

Cue ball spin examples include 12:00, 1:30, 10:30, and 6:00.

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