Advanced Masking Video


Advanced Masking Video


1. Sectional Multi Channel Masking
A new highly advanced masking technique to add to your masking toolkit
Sectional Masking workflow/framework
A new overall masking workflow to combine different masking methods published for the first time. You won't find or learn anything similar anywhere else.

The live Advanced Masking Webinars held in June were received so well, that the Advanced masking classes are now also available as HD quality video tutorials recorded in a studio setting without an audience. Therefore, now even more extensive and detailed.

What do you get:
- 5 hrs video tutorials in HD quality and English language (option to turn on English subtitles via VLC player)
- A photoshop action set to generate luminosity masks
- 5 High res TIF practice files to follow along with the demonstrations in the video
- Quick Reference Guide for quick look up of key elements in the tutorial
- 20% discount on the B&W Artisan Pro X panel

From Joel Tjintjelaar, one of the main photographers who created and popularized a style that has now become ubiquitous under the banner of "B&W fin-eart architecture", the photographer also who developed a repeatable Bamp;W workflow to enable that style and has been adopted by many followers worldwide, now comes an entirely new masking technique and, again repeatable, workflow that he's sharing with the world to make hard masking for Bamp;W and color processing even easier and more sophisticated.

Having spent the last 5 years developing software for B&W processing, Joel at the same time developed a new, masking technique and workflow to support his views on B&W fine-art and the software to enable B&W fine-art. Where B&W processing has evolved over the past decade to a creative, all-is-possible process within a structured and repeatable framework such as Joel's iSGM method, the creation of hard masks mainly consisted of isolated trial and error techniques, and not so much of a structured and integrated approach. With Sectional Masking and Sectional multi channel masking, Joel has created such a repeatable and integrated framework with new sophisticated hard masking techniques.

The creation of hard masks is essential to control a photograph completely. A photograph consists essentially of shapes and light. Light can be controlled precisely with luminosity masks, and shapes with hard masks. Isolate and control shapes and light, and you control everything.

In this video you will learn how to create hard masks using a multitude of channels, instead of, traditionally, just 1 color channel, for the best possible end result. Learn how to make a hard mask that combines hard edges/transitions with local soft edges/transitions in 1 mask (semi hard, semi luminosity mask). Learn how  to combine this new technique with existing techniques like the pen tool or color range masking in an overall structured workflow. Learn to make the right masking decisions, learn more effective mask management, mask optimization and much more.

This class doesn't start with the HOW but first goes into lengthy detail on the WHY of creating hard masks and the WHY behind the techniques so that you can develop your own techniques by elaborating and expanding on my teachings. No true skills can be developed without understanding the WHY.

Hair, feathers, trees, architecture, product photography; everything can be masked with this method. But, this is not a magic technique: masking should already start in the field when shooting by visualizing the masks you need to create and adjust your shooting style to it. Fail in the field, and you're going to struggle behind the computer or even make it impossible. Learn what to look for when shooting in the field with the figure-ground principle to create masks easier on the computer.


-A class where you learn to use basic Photoshop selection tools, such as the pen tool or polygonal tool. For that, there are plenty of other online classes on the Internet but I will briefly highlight those basic and more traditional tools and I'll be using them in combination with my methods during the class
-A class about how to use the Quick Mask pro panel. For this QMP panel, there will be a free interactive class that will be announced in June

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