Advanced Masking Video

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Advanced Masking Video


1. Sectional Multi Channel Masking
A new highly advanced masking technique to add to your masking toolkit
2. Sectional Masking workflow/framework
A new overall masking workflow to combine different masking methods published for the first time. You won't find or learn anything similar anywhere else.

The live Advanced Masking Webinars held in June were received so well, that the Advanced masking classes are now also available as HD quality video tutorials recorded in a studio setting without an audience. Therefore, now even more extensive and detailed.

What do you get:
- 5 hrs video tutorials in HD quality and English language (option to turn on English subtitles via VLC player)
- A photoshop action set to generate luminosity masks
- 5 High res TIF practice files to follow along with the demonstrations in the video
- Quick Reference Guide for quick look up of key elements in the tutorial
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The artistic process in practice

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The artistic thought and decision process 9-hr video

B&W Fine Art Processing for Artisan Pro (and other software) users

What this video is about - an emphasis on the artistic thought process

The goal of this video is to go beyond learning technical skills and instead teach and share universal artistic principles and techniques together with best practices.
We do this by giving a detailed insight into the artistic thought and decision process and demonstrating all the practical steps to apply the principles while working on several photos from start to end. We also tried to avoid as much as possible technical Photoshop explanations

What you will learn

  1. Learn the high-level principles of creating visually striking and aesthetic images.
  2. Learn how to analyze and assess the RAW image correctly based on ‘hidden information’ that’s accessible through luminosity masks.
  3. Learn to create an artistic concept based on the analysis following the Figure-Ground principle.
  4. Learn how to evaluate the image-in-progress correctly and make the right artistic follow-up decisions.
  5. Learn how to create 3D depth and identify contrasting edges in flat images and the importance of that
  6. And much more

More detailed video info and Table of contents on our website storefront

What do you get?

  1. A 9-hour video (8 hrs and 50 minutes) in HD quality with HQ sound recorded in a studio environment.
  2. A PDF presentation with an overview of the high-level principles, a route-map with phases and steps for creating fine-art images and a mapping of those phases and steps to Artisan pro and Photoshop features.
  3. A table of contents in PDF format
  4. 2 high-res practice files