Bundle: Advanced Masking Video + B&W Artisan Pro X 2021 Panel


Learn the most advanced (hard) masking techniques, based on the innovative personal techniques from Joel Tjintjelaar and therefore a method you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet, and then use the B&W Artisan Pro panel for sophisticated B&W fine art results in your work. Everything you need for controlled and artistic B&W processing in one bundle to save money.

The creation of hard masks is essential to control a photograph completely. A photograph consists essentially of shapes and light. Light can be controlled precisely with luminosity masks, and shapes with hard masks. Isolate and control shapes and light, and you control everything. In this video you will learn how to create hard masks using a multitude of channels, instead of, traditionally, just 1 color channel, for the best possible end result. Learn how to make a hard mask that combines hard edges/transitions with local soft edges/transitions in 1 mask (semi hard, semi luminosity mask). Learn how to combine this new technique with existing techniques like the pen tool or color range masking in an overall structured workflow. Learn to make the right masking decisions, learn more effective mask management, mask optimization and much more. This class doesn't start with the HOW but first goes into lengthy detail on the WHY of creating hard masks and the WHY behind the techniques so that you can develop your own techniques by elaborating and expanding on my teachings. No true skills can be developed without understanding the WHY.

B&W Artisan Pro X is the latest evolution of the B&W Artisan Pro software panels. It is a Photoshop panel for pure and unrestricted B&W editing. The software is designed and developed by a B&W fine-art photographer, educator and highly praised expert on B&W photography, for other B&W fine-art photographers who need powerful but easy to use tools to support and express their artistic vision without any technical restrictions. With this latest version, Joel Tjintjelaar, the designer, states that he has finally succeeded in automating his entire manual workflow, iSGM, into this software. A manual workflow that was developed by Joel in 2010 with the objective to completely control an image and create atmospheric and dimensional depth in photos, and has been adopted by thousands of B&W photographers, the world over. Many of them have become award-winning photographers and respected B&W instructors themselves. This software does what no other B&W editing software can do in an intuitive and easy way: creating dimensional and atmospheric depth using dynamic gradients (new for version X) and Joel’s method of ‘restore’ to shape lighting effects (new for version X) with unmatched subtlety and accuracy. The new Special FX feature adds even more subtle lighting effects to give 3D depth to buildings. Local darkening/lightening or contrast adjustments are done intuitively with quick and rough lasso selections, for fast and accurate adjustments. The technology under the hood consists of automatic variable feathering and automatic and variable counter-gradients (new for version X) to ensure subtle but very accurate blending of adjustments with adjacent areas. It is the ultimate tool for creative B&W expression.