The artistic process in practice


The artistic thought and decision process in practice

B&W Fine Art Processing for Artisan Pro (and other software) users

Everything you should know about B&W fine art processing - but is often disregarded

What this video is about - an emphasis on the artistic thought process

The goal of this video is to go beyond learning technical skills and instead teach and share universal artistic principles and techniques together with best practices.
We do this by giving a detailed insight into the artistic thought and decision process and demonstrate all the practical steps to apply the principles while working on several photos from start to end. We also tried to avoid as much as possible technical Photoshop explanations

The foundational principles and techniques we share in this video are important in developing your own personal voice and creating a unique work of art reflecting your personal voice, but they are often completely ignored in favor of quick tricks and easy hacks to only emulate great art.


Art is, for an important part, the result of the tireless effort in honing your skills to perfection and having a deep understanding of every step in the process you take and the skills you’re honing. While almost everyone focuses on sharpening their practical skills, only very few hone their artistic skills.
They are often neglected in today’s practical photography teachings, in favor of technical skills and quick hacks.

This video tutorial focuses entirely on the artistic thought process and the decisions to consider and to make, based on universal principles during the creation process. Not so much how to do it but more why you should do it.

The how is assumed to be already there or can easily be learned separately. The Artisan Pro panel that is used in this video to execute practically what has been decided artistically, is just a supporting tool that can be replaced by any other tool, software or method. It is used only to not distract from the artistic process.

Product description

A 9-hour video tutorial that goes in-depth and in detail on the most important aspects of B&W fine art processing that are rarely highlighted.
It demonstrates in-depth the artistic thought and decision process behind the creation of B&W fine art images, using universal high-level principles that define visually striking and beautiful images.

Target audience - not only Artisan Pro users

Even though this video is optimized for and specifically targeted at users of the B&W Artisan Pro panel, it is also valuable and contains a wealth of information for users with only Photoshop or other photo editing software. The emphasis is on the artistic thought and decision process and the high-level principles it's based on. The process and high-level principles demonstrated in this video are universal and platform and software independent, and can be technically executed with Photoshop only. The target audience is therefore every photographer serious about fine art processing in Black and White who wants to express his/her own unique voice, based on a deeper understanding of creating visually striking and subtle images.

Why the Artisan Pro panel is used in this video - focus on the artistic process

The goal of the creators of this video to not only describe and explain the artistic thought and decision process in a clear and concise way but also to expedite and simplify this process without needing to go into technical distractions, was paramount. Therefore, the Artisan Pro X panel has been used for all practical demos in this video to focus on the artistic thought process and speed up the practical process without explaining the Artisan Pro panel.

For technical explanations related to either the use of the Artisan pro panel or Photoshop, there are a multitude of free tutorials on Youtube, including free webinars on the Artisan Pro panel features. The focus of this tutorial is on artistic and aesthetic principles and considerations to create a good, beautiful, and visually effective image.

What you will learn

  1. Learn what the principles are of a great image and how to apply it in practice.
  2. Learn what creates beauty in images.
  3. Learn why working in black and white is more than just a personal preference but is also a rational choice.
  4. Learn the concept of moving away from reality to enhance aesthetics.
  5. Learn the high-level principles of creating visually striking and aesthetic images.
  6. Learn how to analyze and assess the RAW image correctly based on ‘hidden information’ that’s accessible through luminosity masks.
  7. Learn to create an artistic concept based on the analysis following the Figure-Ground principle.
  8. Learn how to evaluate the image-in-progress correctly and make the right artistic follow-up decisions.
  9. Learn how to create the right contrasts in the right places: high selective contrast in main subject (Figure) vs low contrast in (back)ground to draw attention to the main subject.
  10. Learn that there’s more than just tonal contrast to draw the eye in and learn about contrasting depth dimensionalities to amplify the contrast effect.
  11. Learn how to avoid commonly made mistakes and ‘disrupt’ obvious and distracting linear or radial patterns in your image.
  12. Learn how to create 3D depth and identify contrasting edges in flat images and the importance of that
  13. Learn via a detailed demonstration how to find artistic inspirations and then transpose the design principles of the inspiration into your own work.
  14. All the above is demonstrated in-depth and very extensively using several photos, maps, tables and PDF handouts

What do you get?

  1. A 9-hour video (8 hrs and 50 minutes) in HD quality with HQ sound recorded in a studio environment.
  2. A PDF presentation with an overview of the high-level principles, a route-map with phases and steps for creating fine-art images and a mapping of those phases and steps to Artisan pro and Photoshop features.
  3. A table of contents in PDF format
  4. 2 high-res practice files

Table of contents