B&W Fine-Art Reference Workflow


B&W Fine-art reference Manual Workflow - iSGM 2024

5-hr studio recorded Quad HD video - Includes English, French, German, and Spanish subtitles

Discover the transformative power of black and white photography with Joel Tjintjelaar's comprehensive and updated 2024 version of a pioneering method of structured digital B&W post-processing only using Photoshop, called iSGM. This tutorial offers an in-depth exploration of advanced techniques designed to elevate your black-and-white fine art photography to new heights. No additional plugins or software will be used, except for generating the luminosity masks. This is a pure Photoshop course.

Master the ISGM Workflow
Joel Tjintjelaar, a pioneer in black-and-white fine art and architectural photography, introduces you to his innovative Iterative Selective Gradient Masking (ISGM) workflow. Developed over 15 years ago, the iSGM method has set the benchmark in the industry for B&W fine art processing and the now ubiquitous visual style in B&W fine art architectural photography. The method also elevates every black-and-white photograph in any style or fine art genre. Joel guides you through each phase, from the initial figure-ground analysis, to expedited Advanced Masking, to the final enhancements. Each phase of the workflow is explained in detail, in short topical videos.

Updated for Modern Techniques
The updates not only consist of the latest theoretical and technical insights and enhancements for faster and more refined results in B&W post-processing, but they also include a practical summary of the Advanced Masking techniques that have been updated for integration with the latest AI selection features in Photoshop.

Comprehensive Learning Experience
This five-hour tutorial is divided into shorter videos focusing on specific steps and techniques, making it easy to digest and apply the knowledge. All steps and techniques are then integrated into two start-to-end full demonstrations, ensuring you see the entire workflow from analysis to masking to the final result in action.

Key Features
- High-Level Workflow Overview: Understand the ISGM workflow and how it can revolutionize your approach to black-and-white photography.
- Detailed Phase Breakdown: Each phase of the workflow is explained in detail, making even the most complex techniques accessible and easy to follow.
- Gradient Tool Mastery: Learn to use the gradient tool correctly in Photoshop to enhance the dimensional depth of your photographs.
- Advanced Masking Techniques: Explore advanced masking methods integrated with Adobe AI for faster and more accurate results.
- Full Demonstrations: Watch Joel process architectural photographs from start to finish, applying all the techniques covered in the tutorial.
- Artisan Pro Plugin Insights: Understand the functionalities of the Artisan Pro plugin by looking behind the scenes.

Table of contents

What do you get:
- 5-hr video tutorial in Quad HD quality with English/Spanish/French/German subtitles (turn on/off subtitles via VLC player)
- 16 short videos and 2 longer videos, totaling 18 videos for easy reference
- A Photoshop action set to generate luminosity masks