Next Level Fine Art B&W Photography


Black & white fine art photography has come a long way. The first transition was from darkroom to digital. As a next development, Joel Tjintjelaars, a pioneer in this field, designed elaborate postprocessing techniques to create authentic pieces of art.

Now, black & white fine art photography is ready for the next level: Joel has created a theoretical background and tools that take you straight to the result with much less painstaking Photoshop work. In this tutorial, Joel provides a solid framework of how to find the right interpretation of your image gives you a clear vision on how to approach your work. A masking service saves you hours of work to prepare the elaborate masks necessary for full control over your image. And finally, a Photoshop Panel that automates most of the Photoshop techniques needed to get amazing results when processing your images.

Follow Joel Tjintjelaar to the next level of black & white fine art photography and save many hours of work getting there.

Included in this tutorial is:

  • - 15 films in FullHD/1080p with a duration of 214 minutes.
  • - A .tif file of the example image for you to work around with.
  • - A PDF including the content description of the films.
  • - A 50 EUR coupon for ProImageEditors "Black & White Fine Art Masking" Service.
  • - A PDF with a description for ProImageEditors "Black & White Fine Art Masking" Service.

Please note 1: The tutorial frequently refers to the B&W Artisan Pro X software for Photoshop CC2015.5 and higher, which is a huge timesaver when creating Fineart B&W images. Whilst the tutorial also gives you info on how to work without it, we strongly recommend that you should get/have the panel. If you don't have it yet, there is a special deal available for the combo of tutorial and panel here

. For more information about the panel please visit my website

Please note 2: Due to the large file size we recommend a fast internet connection!