Panel Bundle: BW Artisan Pro X 2022 & Quick Mask Pro


B&W ARTISAN PRO X 2022- FOR PHOTOSHOP CC 2020 AND HIGHER - V2.1.0 included

Learn more on the Artisan Pro X 2022 panel on our website.

- For a complete overview click here.
- Important: if you’re a Mac M1 (Silicon Mac) user working with PS CC2021 22.3 or higher then please be aware that panels will only work under Rosetta emulation – see this thread on how to do this.

Demo videos

Must watch B&W Artisan Pro X 2022 webinar: 4 fine art images in 60 minutes (1hr 48 minutes)
Full Video Tutorial #1 of the Salk Institute (35 minutes)
Full Video Tutorial #2 of the Erasmus Bridge (16 minutes)

Quick Mask Pro 1.2.0 - Photoshop CC2014 + higher
Learn more on the Quick Mask Pro panel on our website.

Product overview

Create intricate base masks within seconds with a few mouse clicks. Refine your base masks fast, easy and non-destructively using the buttons under Quick Refine Mask. This replaces the traditional, labour intensive, workflow of manually refining your mask using a brush or pen with a tablet. To bring out the most delicate parts of your image, like fences, railings, cables, antenna's or even hair, use Advanced Refine Mask.