Quick Mask Pro v1.1.0


Quick Mask Pro 1.2.0 - Photoshop CC2014 + higher

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Product overview

Create intricate base masks within seconds with a few mouse clicks. Refine your base masks fast, easy and non-destructively using the buttons under Quick Refine Mask. This replaces the traditional, labour intensive, workflow of manually refining your mask using a brush or pen with a tablet. To bring out the most delicate parts of your image, like fences, railings, cables, antenna's or even hair, use Advanced Refine Mask.

Demo videos

1.Quick Mask Pro overview
2.Quick Mask Pro demo - The Louvre
3.Quick Mask Pro demo - Flatiron Building
4.Quick Mask Pro demo - Advanced Refinement
5.Quick Mask Pro demo - 100MP Phase One File
6.Quick Mask Pro demo - Masking hair

What you will get with the panel

1. The panel.
2. Installation instructions manual and video.
3. An accompanying video tutorial of 25 minutes, exclusively made for this panel.