Chess Position Trainer 5


Chess Position Trainer 5 Pro is a specialized chess software for openings and tabiyas (endgame, middle-game and key positions). It stands out by its innovative training concept and powerful repertoire management. Chess Position Trainer is recommended by chess coaches around the globe.

License policy:
You acquire a license with your purchase, which allows you to use all pro-features of Chess Position Trainer. The license can be used on up to 3 computers, if only you are the user.

Upgrade Pricing
50% discount is available for owner of an older license. Details.

Support & update policy:
Beginning with the purchase date you get for 12 months free e-mail support. All program updates are free as well within this time period.

Optional: Auto-renewal of support & updates:
You can order for a reduced price a renewal of support & program updates for additional 12 months. This agreement can be cancelled anytime. The amount will be invoiced after completion of the first 12 months and then in the following years until it has been cancelled. You save about 50% in comparison to a subsequent upgrade. Please note that a credit card is required for this option.

  • Chess Position Trainer Support & Updates for 12 months $9.90 Yearly. First Year Free.
  • No more updates after 12 months