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Here you can find guitar charts, lead sheets (melody/chords/lyrics), and full accompaniment editions (piano/guitar/vocal) for many of Christopher's songs.

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Stepping In

Songs from the album "Stepping In."Note: Some of the songs on the album "Stepping In" are owned and published by the United Church of Christ. See links on the "store" page at
  • Stepping In Songbook $17.95
    Save almost 50% compared to the purchase of individual songs! This file contains lead sheets (melody, lyrics, chords, no piano part) for 16 of the 21 songs in Christopher's "Stepping In" collection. "Listening Now" includes a piano part. The other five songs on the album are owned by the United Church of Christ. Sheet music for those five can be downloaded from United Church Resources (search by song title).
  • Amen - lead sheet (melody, lyrics, chords) $0.95
    A companion piece for "Holy, Holy, Holy," for the end of the communion prayer - or anywhere you need an amen.
  • As the Moon - piano/vocal/guitar $2.95
  • As the Moon - leadsheet (melody, lyrics, chords) $1.95
    A Celtic-style hymn of longing for God. Uses imagery of the moon and the tides to express a process theology.
  • Break Over Me - lead sheet (melody, lyrics) $1.95
    A brief, a cappella chant for entering into prayer or worship.
  • By the Stream - lead sheet (melody, lyrics, chords) $1.95
    A gentle ballad about trusting God. Based on Jeremiah 17:7-8.
  • I Was So Glad - lead sheet (melody, lyrics, chords) $2.95
    An upbeat song for the opening of worship. Based on Psalm 121:1, Matthew 25:37-40.
  • Jesus is There - lead sheet (melody, lyrics, chords) $2.95
    A peppy kids rock song about Holy Communion. Verses based on interviews with kids, with a singable refrain.
  • Listening Now - accompaniment (piano, vocals, chords) $3.95
    A song for before or after the scripture reading or sermon. Contemporary gospel style. Psalm 119:105, I Kings 19:9-15.
  • More Light - Lead Sheet FREE $2.95 $0.00
    A short refrain. Folk/pop sung prayer for illumination.
  • Nunc Dimittis - lead sheet (melody, lyrics, chords) $1.95
    Rock anthem based on the song of Simeon. For the end of worship, the end of the day, or funerals.
  • Out of the Depths - lead sheet (melody, lyrics, chords) $2.95
    An alt rock performance piece, touching upon themes of lament, suicide and teen angst.
  • Peace Be With You - lead sheet (melody, lyrics, chords) $1.95
    A song to be sung during the passing of the peace. Short, easy refrain. Slow folk or rock anthem.
  • Stepping In - lead sheet (melody, lyrics, chords) $2.95
    A mid-tempo folk/pop song for the opening of worship. Easy refrain with verses that congregations can learn as well.
  • Taste and Believe - lead sheet (melody, lyrics, chords) $1.95
    A rhythmic refrain to be repeated while we are taking communion.
  • Then Will Your Light Shine Forth - lead sheet (melody, lyrics, chords) $2.95
    A fun, peppy pop song based on Isaiah 58. Good for the close of worship. Easy refrain for the congregation to join in.
  • We Have Come - lead sheet (melody, lyrics) $1.95
    A song of struggle and hope. Minor key, a cappella, three verses. Meant for the opening of worship.
  • When Jacob Awoke - lead sheet (melody, lyrics, chords) $1.95
    Folky mid-tempo song based on Genesis 28:16-17. Great for outdoor worship, or the opening of worship any time.
  • When Jacob Awoke - vocal/piano/guitar - congregational use $2.95
    Includes piano part, but not the instrumental interlude found on the original recording.
  • When Jacob Awoke - vocal/piano/guitar - performance version $2.95
    Includes a piano part for the instrumental interlude found in the original recording.

Come to the Feast

  • Songbook - "Come to the Feast" $19.95
    SAVE 45%! (compared to purchase of individual songs). This 58-page file includes all of the songs on Christopher's CD "Come to the Feast," including a lead sheet (melody, lyrics, chords) for the bonus track, "Lead On." All of the songs (except "Lead On") are accompaniment editions and include a piano part as well as melody, lyrics, and guitar chords.
  • All for Love - piano/vocal/guitar $2.95
    An upbeat, rhythm-driven piece about love, faith, high ideals, and sexuality. Includes a section of I Corinthians 13.
  • Come to Me - piano/vocal/guitar $2.95
    A brief, easy refrain, useful for opening of worship, call to prayer, call to communion, or altar call. Based on Matthew 11:28-30.
  • Come to the Feast - piano/vocal/guitar $3.95
  • Fruits of the Spirit - piano/vocal/guitar $3.95
    An upbeat song with a bit of Caribbean flavor that is fun for children and youth. Based on Galatians 5:22-26.
  • Garments of Love - piano/vocal/guitar $3.95
    A performance piece with a singable refrain, based on Colossians 3:14. Sheet music includes piano part, vocals, and guitar chords.
  • Gloria - piano, vocal, chords $2.95
    A simple, swaying gloria with fresh language and an inviting feel.
  • Healing River $3.95
    A gentle, folky ballad based on Revelation 22:1-3. Good for healing services or any time Revelation 22 comes up in the lectionary.
  • Here in This Place - piano/vocal/guitar $2.95
    A gentle, swaying piece about the spirituality of place. Includes a descant based on the Sanctus that many traditions use in their communion prayers.
  • Holding Up the Light - piano/vocal/guitar $3.95
    Sheet music for "Holding Up the Light" from the CD "Come to the Feast." A Performance piece with easy-to-sing-along refrain. Useful for services using themes of hope in the face of adversity, reconciliation, even Advent. Requires enough vocalists for an echo part on verses.
  • I Am Convinced - piano, vocal, chords $3.95
    An upbeat, gospel-style anthem based upon Romans 8. Good especially for hope in difficult times.
  • Invocation - Tenor/Baritone/Bass $1.95
    A brief a cappella invocation for three parts (tenor/baritone/bass), focusing on both speaking and listening to God.
  • T.A.M.B.O. (That They All May Be One) $3.95
    A light, reggae (sort of) song that critiques the church for its disunity and calls for reconciliation.

Not On Any Album (Yet)

  • Drawing Nearer - Piano/Guitar/Vocal $2.99
    An easy, mid-tempo refrain written to be sung by the congregation during the lighting of Advent Candles.
  • Heaven and Earth Are Filled - piano/vocal/strings $3.95
    A gentle, brief refrain with piano, cello, and violin accompaniment. Written for All Saints Day, and remembrance of those who have died.
  • Leaning In (A Prayer of Intention) - Lead Sheet (words, melody, chords) $1.95
    This is a sung intercessory prayer. If you are using guitar, it works well if you add a capo at fret 2 and use chords for the key of C.
  • Let Me Be Your Light (Isaiah 49:6b) - Lead Sheet - FREE $2.95 $0.00
    A short refrain based upon Isaiah 49:6b, written in response to the shooting of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords and others in January of 2011.
    • This song is free to use within your congregation.
  • O God, Open Our Lips $1.95
    A short, simple, three-part a capella refrain that can be taught easily. Energetic, with a slight gospel feel. Good for the opening of worship. Requires a song leader to teach it.
  • Prayer Refrain: For the Sake of the World $1.95
    A brief refrain for use in bidding prayers or other prayers of intercession. Any time we need to be reminded that we are called to pray for the whole world. Lead sheet has melody, lyrics, chords, no piano part.
  • Sanctus - FREE $2.95 $0.00
    An a cappella Sanctus for use during Communion prayers. Use harmony parts or sing in unison. As sung at the 50th general synod of the United Church of Christ.
  • That Was the Year - lead sheet (lyrics, melody, chords) $1.95
  • Transfigure Me $1.97
    Upbeat, simple refrain for Transfiguration Sunday or any time the theme is becoming more like Jesus. Melody, lyrics, chords (no piano part).
  • Then the Kin-dom of God May Come Near - lead sheet $1.95
    Shorter song with two verses and a refrain. Written for the transition into Holy Communion, but applicable for other uses as well.
  • When I Survey the Moon and Stars $1.95
    A gentle ballad-type refrain for worship under the stars, or any worship where the theme is ecology, or stars, or night. Based on Psalm 8.
  • River of Delights - Lead Sheet $1.95
  • Though the Earth Should Change - Lead Sheet $1.95
    A two-part refrain of assurance based on Psalm 40.
  • Fireflies - Lead Sheet $1.95
    A gentle refrain for Advent, or with any "keep awake" scripture passage.
  • For All the Saints (of Church Administration) - piano accompaniment $3.95
    A sung litany giving thanks for those who do administrative work in the church. The short, easy refrain can be sung by the congregation. The verses can be sung by a cantor, or by the whole group. Easy piano accompaniment.
  • Set Your Face Toward Jerusalem $2.95
    An a capella chant of courage and resolve. Useful for Lent or any occasion where discipleship includes risk or speaking truth to power. Can be sung in unison or parts.







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