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License Options:

License Type Commercial User License - Lifelong Commercial User License Non-Commercial License**
Commercial Use yes yes no
Support bug tracker
+1 year priority e-mail
bug tracker
+1 year priority e-mail
bug tracker only
Users 1 per License 1 per License 1 per License
Usage Period forever forever forever
Update Period forever 1 year
-30% on update renewal
Price/User $495.00* $195.00* FREE
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* Price excludes VAT.
** Use is non-commercial only if it is in no manner primarily intended for or directed toward commercial advantage or private monetary compensation.
*** Customers with a valid EU VAT ID can alternatively order licenses via e-mail.


  • Sourcetrail only supports the languages C, C++, Java and Python
  • Sourcetrail can only index projects that can be built on the machine Sourcetrail runs on, all necessary dependencies need to be available.


To apply for a discount please send us an e-mail with all requested information.

50% off

Businesses that exist less than 3 years qualify for a 50% discount on Commercial User Licenses for up to 10 developers.


50% off

Self-employed software developers qualify for a 50% discount for a Commercial User License.



Teachers and Trainers qualify for free use of Sourcetrail for the purpose of education.


Global Equality
X% off

Price level is not equal globally. Get a discount depending on your country of residence based on the Big Mac Index to compensate.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Does my “Commercial User License” ever expire?

No. You may use the version of Sourcetrail that was current at the time you purchased for as long as you like. Furthermore Sourcetrail receives updates on a regular basis and because no software is free of bugs and issues with every single release, the “Commercial User License” also includes all updates that get released in the four annual quarters following your purchase.

What does “Lifelong” license mean?

In contrast to the “Commercial User License”, the “Commercial User License - Lifelong” includes all updates of Sourcetrail that will ever be released. If you always want to stay on top of Sourcetrail development, this is the deal you should take.

Can I upgrade my “Commercial User License’ to the “Lifelong” license?

Yes. If you already bought the “Commercial User License”, but decide that the “Commercial User License - Lifelong” makes much more sense for you, just contact our support. The upgrade option is available during the first 3 months after you made your purchase.

Can I use my Sourcetrail license on multiple machines?

Yes. Sourcetrail is licensed per user, so you can use it on as many machines as you like. You can even use it under different operating systems simultaneously, if that is something you want to do.

Can I buy my Sourcetrail license privately and use it at my workplace?

Yes. Usually we prefer that the company you work for buys the license for you, but that is beyond our control. So if it is not possible that your company handles the purchase, please contact our support and we may grant you our freelancer discount.

My company bought a license for a user that left the job. Can I continue using that license?

Yes. Our licensing terms allow the licensee (the one who is named on the license key) to assign the license to a new user once a month.

For my job I am working on an open source project. Do I need to get a commercial license to use Sourcetrail?

Yes. As soon as you get paid for your work, you need a commercial license. Even if you are getting paid to work on open source software or research projects.

What payment methods do you offer?

Payment for Sourcetrail licenses is handled by our reseller FastSpring. They offer different payment methods per country. To see a list of payment methods that are available for your country, just click the “Order Now” button in our store and you will see the options.
If you are purchasing Sourcetrail licenses on behalf of a company, you should also be able to select the “Purchase Order” payment method.
As an alternative, customers with a valid EU VAT ID can also order licenses via e-mail.

Do you offer discounts for resellers?

Yes. If you are a software reseller and decide to list Sourcetrail in your online store, you will be granted a 10% reseller discount on all available Sourcetrail licenses.

I do not like Sourcetrail. Can I get a refund?

Yes. Just contact our support team within one month of your purchase and you will get a refund.

Do you plan on making Sourcetrail a plugin for my favourite IDE?

No. Even though we maintain lots of plugins to synchronize your IDE or editor with Sourcetrail, we started creating Sourcetail with the strong decision against integrating its features into an existing IDE. Sourcetrail is designed to simplify the task of reading source code. And this is something most of the people who work in the software industry need to do - independent of position of used tools. So, keeping Sourcetrail a standalone tool allows everyone from the intern to the open source contributor to the CTO use all of its features. Without further requirements.

Are you planning to extend Sourcetrail for further languages?

Yes. Sourcetrail comes with integrated support for C, C++ and Java. All support for further languages will be open source (like our Python Language Support) and based on our SourcetrailDB library.

How does your release cycle work?

We release a new version of Sourcetrail every quarter. The new release usually includes some bug fixes, some small improvements (e.g. improved performance, improved language coverage, user interface polishing, etc.) and from time to time even major features like support for a new language or new functionality. Usually our GitHub issue tracker provides a good overview on open issues and feature requests. Furthermore, we also use milestones to make the release planning more transparent to you.

Does Sourcetrail upload my source code to the web?

No. All code processing is done locally on the machine that runs Sourcetrail. No source code or related data (e.g. indexer log files) is uploaded by Sourcetrail. If the option is enabled, Sourcetrail uses your internet connection for a daily update check, that also includes updates for our news box.

Can I use exported graph images for other purposes?

Yes. If it is for documentation purposes or you just would like to have a nice desktop background, we won’t claim the copyright for graph images exported via Sourcetrail.