Divas Cookies WP


EU Cookie Policy Banner WordPress plugin.

The quickest and most elegant solution to be compliant with EU Cookie Policy. Easily and fully customizable to get the look & feel of any website.

Divas Cookies works beautifully if installed for the whole network with per site settings.

Divas Cookies backend is ready for translations: it supports an unlimited number of translations in any WP supported language and it is completely independent from the translation plugin you have installed!

Please note: Divas Cookies requires at least PHP 5.3.x to be installed correctly.

License Types

  • Single license: use it in your website or in a client's project.
  • Developer license: use it in multiple projects or in a theme that you are going to sell.
  • Divas Cookies WP Single License $9.00
  • Divas Cookies WP Developer License $29.00