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What’s in the My Brother Sam is Dead Dropbox Folder?

Everything I have collected and written over that past 6 years and that's a whole lot. The idea behind this folder is to help parents and teachers better understand what topics the authors have woven into each chapter of the fictional history novel, My Brother Sam is Dead.

I have broken out this resource into three sections: 1). Guide to MBSD(2 e-books and 8 supporting documents), 2). Maps, Photos and Visuals and 3). Teaching Resources(includes lesson plans and online quizzes).

All my ebooks are included at this resource and much more. Photos and maps of everything that occurs in the novel and teaching tools are included as well. This is everything you need and more to get your kids really excited about the novel and come away with a very good understanding of why the novel was written.

I will be adding video to this Dropbox area very soon. Your subscription will allow me to produce the videos I have been working on since July 2008. Thank you!

Brent M. Colley