Notezilla 9.0 (Subscription)

$19.95 Yearly

  • First Year $29.95

Create quick notes, tasks or appointments on attractive sticky notes on your Windows Desktop. These sticky notes look like 3M Post-It(r) Notes. Stick them to websites, documents, programs or any other window. If the desktop gets too messy, you can neatly arrange them into virtual memoboards (folders). Finding a note back is extremely fast. Send these stickies to your coworker over network or as email (if coworker offline). Tag each note based on contexts, topics or projects. The new "Notes Browser" lets you to categorize, arrange and view notes very conveniently. Password protect notes to keep secured information in them. Synchronize sticky notes with any smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone etc) or tablet (iPad etc). Other features include support for notes skins, color, transparency, advanced text formatting, find-as-you-type, hotkeys, attach files, note priority, stay on top, drag and drop notes.

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Copywhiz enhances your file copy experience in Windows. It offers more flexibility when copying files by letting you choose which type of files to copy & which to ignore. Copy only new or modified files from a folder. Copy files based on file name or extension. Easily exclude folders that you don't wish to copy. It lets you collect files from different folders and paste them all at once. Saves time & effort. Also, you can copy files to multiple folders simultaneously, review list of files that will actually be copied, retry or skip a file on error, auto-rename duplicate files & skip files if identical. All these features are designed to make your file copy tasks enjoyable and efficient. Copywhiz works from within Windows Explorer. Also supports other file managers like Total Commander, xplorer2 , Directory Opus (dopus), RecentX, XYPlorer and ExplorerXP.

RecentX (25% Discount)

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RecentX lets you launch any file as you type, provides fast access to widespread documents, deep folders, cluttered programs, Internet history & bookmarks/favorites. Although RecentX can find any file or folder, it gives higher preference to 'recently' accessed files & folders as they are more important to you. It is easier to pick the right file from a smaller set of important files than to pick from a large clutter of unimportant files. You do not have to spend time adding your favorite files, folders. Also, common file operations (copy, paste) can be quickly performed without using a file manager. The new version includes a clipboard manager that will allow you to access recent items copied to clipboard in Windows.