Be your own Chiropractor.


The most irritating problem with chiropractors is the fact that we can not carry one with us. Back pain can strike you at any moment, at 3am, at the top of Mount Everest and so on. The second biggest problem with chiropractors is, of course, the price... This is the first reason this eBook was created: it provides a list of exercises one can perform to ease (or remove completely) the back pain. These exercises are considered safe, though you should consult an expert, especially if you have particular health problems. Yet, they are safe. The second reason this eBook was created, see these same exercises, when done on the regular basis, will streighten your back muscules, allowing them to better support your spine. It means that you will have less episodes of accute back pain, at some point, your back will likely stop hurting completely. All exercises should be performed on a relaxed way, and if something causes sharp pain: stop. Stretch as far as you comfortably can, sooner or later, your ligaments will adapt and you will be able to do the routine "right". But at the beginning, just go as far as you can.