Prism of Purpurine eBook


DRM free Kindle Mobi and ePub for other devices.Scientist Victoria McKenzie and her best friend, fine artist Abby, are looking forward to organising their double wedding and leading new lives in West Lancashire now that the restless spirit of Mauveine is finally content. But a clearing out of historic family junk triggers unexpected events, alerting Abby to question whether all in Orsbrick Hall has returned to the state of normality assumed. A strange artifact of pagan origin is discovered, exhibiting unusual characteristics which Victoria can’t scientifically explain, but her mind is forced to focus on more pressing and personal matters.Fifteen years on and Victoria’s life has evolved. Her dye business is flourishing, Abby runs her international art gallery and both families are nicely settled. However sixteen year old twins Maddie and Bel and their twin brothers Ned and Zac, out on a canal cycling trip, find a key to a local murder which sets off a train of peculiar happenings and confessions. Have the horrific, seventeenth century demons, over whom Mauveine had no influence, gone away or are they back for revenge? The responsibility to confront the McKenzie curse lies with Abby and now Maddie, but have they the capabilities to overcome the myriad of ghostly, hideous challenges waiting, once the true and disarming nature of their friends and family comes to light? You'll download 1 Zip file