Gig Performer 3.x for OS X


Gig Performer 3 for OS X

Build and control your live music rig with Gig Performer to transform and elevate your live performing experience by gaining complete control over the sound of your instrument or voice. Our innovative approach and focus on usability is paired with setlists, songs and an intuitive rack design, called a rackspace, which transforms your plugins into the most powerful, yet user-friendly live music software system. And our impressive list of cutting edge features enable you to control multiple instruments, layer sounds and employ authentic effects… easily, and with little power usage.
This license enables you to activate Gig Performer 3 on up to three OS X machines simultaneously.

NOTE: Because you can test Gig Performer before you purchase it, Deskew Technologies, LLC does not offer refunds. We strongly encourage you to test the trial version of Gig Performer on your system before you purchase so you can confirm that it works to your satisfaction. In trial mode, Gig Performer will be fully functional except for random momentary audio drop outs.

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