Future Updates Plan - Offset Edition


+2 years Updates Plan for Offset Edition
Extend your future updates plan for another 2 years
So your license will allow you to run all new versions to be released within next 2 years. If your current plan has already expired by more than 2 years then the plan will be extended only for next 1 year.
(Only works with your current master licenses + additional licenses (v5 and above))
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Offset Edition Master License

Select your current master license type.
  • Imposition Studio Offset O1 - Single User $133.00
    Select this option if your existing license is single user.
  • Imposition Studio Offset O3 - Multi User $199.00
    Select this option if your existing license is 3 user.
  • I have already updated my master license.

Additional Users

Select additional users other than the master license. You can edit the quantity on the next step.
This option is valid only for existing additional users. If you want to activate additional users then please buy additional user license first.
  • Updates Plan Offset Additional User $66.00
    Select this option if you want to extend the plan for current additional users on your existing license.
  • Do not have additional users