Types of licenses


Internal Expert: This license type is intended for companies that are staffed with an expert in dangerous goods, responsible for managing and preparing documentation relating to dangerous goods.

External Safety Advisor: This type of license allows a company to offer the service of external security advisor in a simple way, allowing you to manage customers and their goods.

Summary of Functionality Included in the Service

  • - The system is kept up to date pursuant to current regulations.
  • - Unlimited number of consignments, receipts and users. Simultaneous connection for as many users as licenses purchased.
  • - Automatic generation of the transport document (dangerous goods note) in, LQ and EQ exemption when the consignment meets the requirements.
  • - Intelligent generation list of checks for loading and unloading indicating actions, equipment and labeling based on the consignment or receipt.
  • - Automatically create documentation to re-dispatch empty packages or vehicles.
  • - Simplified Waste Management allowing only the indication of the residue labels required and UN 3509.
  • - Advanced Documentation Management, allowing for the storage of documents and written instructions, safety data sheets, certificates, annual reports or any other documents of any kind that are required (risk prevention, invoices ...). 500MB of storage included.
  • - Free Additional services included: Management of database products and waste. History of shipments and receipts. Analysis of consignments and receipts by several fields simultaneously. Export data to Excel. Contact Management (shippers, carriers, recipients, chargers, suppliers and drivers).

  • Internal Expert - Air Transport (IATA) $224.00 Yearly
  • Internal Expert - Maritime Transport (IMDG-IMO) $222.00 Yearly
  • Internal Expert - Road Transport (ADR) $220.00 Yearly

  • External Safety Advisor - Air Transport (IATA) $254.00 Yearly
  • External Safety Advisor - Maritime Transport (IMDG-IMO) $252.00 Yearly
  • External Safety Advisor - Road Transport (ADR) $250.00 Yearly

  • DGAssistant JSON REST API $330.00 Yearly