SC14N performs the canonicalization (C14N) transformation you need to do when creating signed XML documents using XML-DSIG. SC14N works from the Windows command-line, and has application programming interfaces for C/C++, C#, VB.NET, VBA/VB6 and Python.

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Professional developer's toolkit of public key cryptography functions. Provides "asymmetrical" public key encryption and digital signing suitable to use in XML documents or S/MIME entities. Create and read secure cryptographic messages encrypted or signed using RSA public key encryption. Create and read cryptographic message syntax (CMS, PKCS#7) objects for S/MIME, create and verify RSA digital signatures, create and manage X.509 certificates and PFX files. Generate RSA and elliptic curve keys. Read, analyze and save RSA and EC curves in most accepted formats. Includes standard cryptographic utilities such as AES encryption, SHA-1/2/3 hash, HMAC, ZLIB compression and a secure RNG.