Corona Solidtrax Evolved


Evolved Sound Bank features a diverse array of sounds suitable for a wide range of genres, including pop from the '80s, synth wave, retro wave, trance, and techno. Each of the 51 presets included in this bank is designed to deliver an exceptional music production experience. Our expert sound designers have harnessed the full potential of the Corona synth, utilizing velocity, mod wheel, and the powerful modulation matrix to create immersive and expressive sounds that will elevate your compositions to new heights.

The Evolved Sound Bank comprises 15 dynamic drum presets, 9 captivating lead sounds, 7 deep and punchy basses, 5 lush pads, 5 captivating plucked tones, 4 sharp stab sounds, 2 rich brass presets, 2 mesmerizing arpeggiated sounds, and a touch of class with 1 electronic piano and 1 mesmerizing effect sound.
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