The Empowered Life DVD Set

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5 DVDs - 10 Topics; Includes MP3 audio CD; Boxed packaging. The Empowered Life is a series of ten Scriptural messages on five DVDs focussing on spiritual growth and development amidst the daily struggles of life. Perhaps you have known the pain of losing a loved one. Or maybe you've questioned the goodness of God in the midst of tragedy. It may be that you've struggled with a sense of worthlessness and meaninglessness. Guilt may be an enemy that just will not give up on tormenting you. Destructive habits may seem to be perpetually overpowering you. On the other hand, the struggle of just trying to make ends meet each month may be weighing you down. God has made you promises that will bring liberation to you in each and every situation of bondage that may be draining the joy of life from your experience. The Empowered Life DVD series will set forth plainly and in an easy-to-understand manner how you can be empowered to live above this life's difficulties and trials.