FuzeDrive Plus


FuzeDrive Plus combines UP TO 1TB OF your high performance storage (typically SSD) with your capacity storage (typically HDD or large capacity SSD) into a single virtual SSD (vSSD). The results - The Best of Both Worlds: A single fully automated volume with high performance and high capacity. FuzeDrive is compatible with: Intel - Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Generation Intel® Core Processors and AMD - Ryzen Desktop Processors including the new 2nd Gen 2xx series (in socket AM4 and sTR4 motherboards for Ryzen7, Ryzen5, Ryzen3, and Ryzen Threadripper). Windows 10 operating system. *** NOTE IF PAYING USING ALIPAY, IT MAY TAKE SEVERAL DAYS FOR THE ORDER TO COMPLETE *** 如果使用支付宝付款,可能需要几天才能完成订单

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