FuzeDrive for AMD Ryzen


FuzeDrive for AMD Ryzen combines your high performance storage (typically SSD) with your capacity storage (typically HDD or large capacity SSD) into a single virtual SSD (vSSD). The results - The Best of Both Worlds: A single fully automated volume with high performance and high capacity. FuzeDrive is compatible with AMD Socket AM4 motherboards with the B350 and X370 chipset, and on socket sTR4 motherboards with the X399 chipset. (Note -THE CURRENT VERSION OF FUZEDRIVE FOR RYZEN ONLY SUPPORTS THE FIRST 128GB OF THE SSD FOR THE FAST TIER) *** NOTE IF PAYING USING ALIPAY, IT MAY TAKE SEVERAL DAYS FOR THE ORDER TO COMPLETE *** 如果使用支付宝付款,可能需要几天才能完成订单