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Arquitectura 3D Experto


House Design

  • Technical plans: electricity, plumbing, heating and air conditioner.
  • Importation of digital plans.
  • Import and export of files DWG and DXF of AutoCAD1.
  • NEW. Importation of 3D Studio Max files. Create endless sidings, decks and of designing all kind of roofs.

Customizable Window and Door Editors. Module to decide the orientation of the sun. NEW. Ceiling editor to customize the interior. NEW. Fireplace Editor. Interior and Exterior Remodeling Photoview. Import, add and retouch your personal photos. Cabinet Wizard Trim Wizard Layout Manager Garden & Exteriors Plants and Fences Editor. An impressive library of plants for the detailed planning of your garden. Editor/Land Designer. Editor/Topography Designer. Editor/Pool Designer Decoration and Planning 3D furniture editor to create your furniture from beginning to end. New objects to renovate the interior. NEW. Ability to import 3DS objects. Material editor. Recreate your house and redecorate it in almost real life! Project Presentation Animator: do a virtual tour of your house and record it. Presentation help. Mockups.