BackupChain Server Enterprise Edition with Regular Support, 1 Year Updates


Quantity Price
1 $499.99
2 $470.08
3 - 4 $459.99
5 - 9 $449.99
10 - 24 $409.99
25 - 49 $294.49
50 - 99 $215.87
100+ $161.95
Feature Summary Includes Granular Backup and Granular Restore for VHD, VMDK, and VDI virtual machine disks. No limitations on number of CPUs or simultaneous file backups. Continuous Backup and Protection of Servers. Hyper-V incl. CSV Support. Backup locked files (system files, virtual machines, databases, Outlook, etc.) Create fast incremental backups Built-in FTP Server enables private online backups In-file Delta compression reduces storage and bandwidth requirements for backing up and transmitting large file backups Intelligent File Versioning Flexible Scheduler Email Notifications Backup of Millions of Files Backup from and to FTP and network drives Military strength encryption (AES) Run unattended as Windows service Multithreaded: Run as many concurrent backups as necessary True unicode support: all languages and characters supported

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