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CFA level II Mock Exam

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A full mock exam for CFA Level 2 with 20 item sets (120 questions). The mock exam is close to the actual exam in terms of the format, level of difficulty and the question styles. The answer sheet contains detailed explanations for each question. Take this mock exam to get prepared for the real exam.

What’s the Exam Format?

The mock exam is available as an instantly downloadable PDF, after payment. You can choose to print the PDF (recommended) and take it as a pen and pencil exam just like the real exam. Alternatively, you can take the exam directly from your computer. The exam PDF contains bubble sheets for both morning and afternoon session that can be printed to mark the answers.

You can also take the exam on the computer and mark your responses on a paper.

The answer sheet is provided as a separate PDF, which contains the answers for all questions along with detailed explanations for each question.