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The Keyboard Glockenspiel has been used in history by many of classical era composers. It consists in a glockenspiel operated by a piano keyboard. It has lovely tone and delicate sound and it was almost completely replaced by the celesta throughout the centuries. We discovered one of those instruments in a dusty attic. Even if we can't fully evaluate the date of production, due to the lack of labels and signatures, this little gem is probably more than a century years old. We deeply sampled this instrument and we also created lots of sound design patches such as pads, soundscapes and hybrid instruments. The beauty of its untuned harmonics and the delicacy of its sound make it the perfect product to promote ACUMA, a no-profit association which helps the children and families living in marginalization, poverty and social disadvantage, in Italy and Romania. 100% of the income will be devolved to ACUMA and we that's the reason we chose to keep the pricing for My KeyGlock so low, to involve the more people to participate in this project.

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