Screenshot Toolbar - 1 Year Subscription - macOS

$9.95 Yearly

Screenshot Toolbar- 1 Year Subscription - [LiveCode Source Code Included] [Cancel Anytime]:

Screenshot Toolbar provides a compact and easy to use graphical interface for the macOS screencapture command line utility. This handy little tool gives access to multiple screenshot options, without having to remember various command keys or command line options. You can easily change the time delay seconds, sound on/off property and use the space bar to switch between window selection versus selected area options.

By default, screenshots are placed onto the clipboard for easy pasting into your program of choice. A graphical options bar appears at the bottom of the screen so you can specify other destination options for the screenshot.

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The File menu includes the Save LiveCode Stack... menu item. This menu item saves the entire source code of the application to disk. The saved package includes a detailed code review of the entire app as a PDF file.

Things you can learn from the source code include:
• Opening/saving app preferences to the correct location on macOS.
• Using JSON files to store preferences.
• Restoring the application window position - even if the original monitor has been disconnected.
• Building a graphical app which calls command line utilities on macOS.
• Using custom properties to store binary data.
• Learn why various code and UI decisions were made.
• Includes: .com Solutions Inc. developed Button Bar widget.
• Detailed Code Review PDF included..

Single User License.