Ads-free FM Genie Scout 21g


Free of ads version will provide you with 8 extra features:

  • Potential Attributes Search :
    Search for potential attributes, meaning how GS projects the player to develop at his peak in the future.

  • GS STATS :
    Provides in-depth player development knowledge based on the history of thousands of games.

  • In-Game Scout (experimental) :
    Clicking the (i) icon next to player's name within FM normally shows up a pop-up box with his attributes and some quick details. With IGS enabled, this pop-up box is enhanced with many added insights, including potential skills and rating. You no longer need to switch to the GS window to check on hidden attributes or potential ability.

  • Roles & Duties :
    Ratings on 109 Roles & Duties available with ability to search. You're able to find a player perfectly fitting to your tactics.

  • Probability of Development :
    A statistically based model that will show the probability of reaching theoretical maximum of players ability.

  • Progress Rate :
    Shows the predicted speed of player's development, depending on his ambition, determination, professionalism etc.

  • Support for Graphics :
    If you have custom facepacks and/or kitpacks added to your FM, it should show on player and team profiles on GS.

  • Top Players Lists :
    Automatically generated lists for best players, most promising and top bargains in the world, by position.