The European Startup Revolution - paperback, Croatia


„The European Startup Revolution“ is a book of interviews with some of Europe’s most ambitious and successful technology entrepreneurs and investors. They have created amazing companies such as SoundCloud, Prezi,, Mendeley, Fon, Deezer, Supercell and many others – yet they are often overlooked by the media in favor of American founders and CEO’s. After years of interviews and research, Ivo Špigel has collected stories and interviews with 28 of these entrepreneurs and investors from all across Europe in this book. Five years in the making, the book covers their experiences, failures and successes. In covering such a long time span, it gives the reader a unique perspective of how they started out and where they are today. The print edition has 500 pages. This product version covers delivery in Croatia free of charge, which should take no more than 3 - 5 days. If you need worldwide delivery, please refer to the same paperback version of the book under the "worldwide delivery" item, thanks!