Not long ago we promised you the best writing possible, one short story at a time. Well, it’s time for us to deliver on that promise, and we couldn’t be happier with what we’ve got to share. We tracked down four fantastic authors from three different countries, spread out across two continents, and with one crucial thing in common: a damned good story. Each narrative is available for individual purchase, but we think you’ll want to buy them all—so we’ve made it easy for you. FPQ 1 is a neat and tidy package of what we hope will become your favourite short stories. They’re certainly ours.

Featuring stories by Cynthia Flood, Danny Goodman, Kirsty Logan, and Lana Storey.

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File Format

  • FPQ 1 (EPUB) $5.99
  • FPQ 1 (MOBI) $5.99