What You're in For by Andrew Wilmot


"A surreal, slow-build story that will stay with me a long time. Brilliantly horrible." - Kirsty Logan, author of <i>The Gracekeepers</i> and <i>A Portable Shelter</i> <br><br>***<br><br> Allan knows, better than most, the meaning of the saying "you are your own worst enemy." <br><br> In <i>What You're in For</i>, author Andrew Wilmot dredges visions from the psychic depths to create an unflinchingly visceral portrayal of anxiety. <br /><br /><br /><br />*A note on file type:<br /><br />EPUB files can be uploaded to and read on most non-Kindle e-readers. They can also be read on PCs and Macs, tablets, smartphones, and iPods, using a variety of free programs and apps such as Adobe Digital Editions, Kobo, and iBooks.<br /><br />MOBI files can be uploaded to and read on Amazon's Kindle devices.

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