Please Hire a Graphics Designer


Dear MailMate user,

you might be surprised to know that MailMate is a one-man business, but you are probably not surprised that this one man is not a great graphics designer. It wouldn't hurt if MailMate was easier on the eyes, but email clients are not a lucrative business and the money I do make on MailMate is used to make sure MailMate can be developed and supported in the future.

I've setup this page for anyone wanting to explicitly support someone else to work on the visual appearance of MailMate. Every dollar contributed is going to be used to pay a professional graphics designer to do this work. The main priorities are the application icon, the toolbar, and the mailbox sidebar, but the list of possible improvements is much longer…

If you do not care about the visual appearance of MailMate then note that you are always welcome to support the regular development of MailMate by buying a regular license key. I've setup a cash register sound in MailMate to be played every time this happens -- thus I promise I'll notice your support ;-)


Update March 24., 2015: Current status is that 55% of the initial goal has been reached (app/toolbar/mailbox icons). This is from a total of 63 contributors.