The Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar Book One Rhythm Guitar


Easily Master Blues Guitar

The Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar - Part One gives you all the tools you need to play, understand and feel blues guitar rhythm guitar.

Over 150 Notated Audio Examples to Get You in The Groove

Understanding music isn't just about reading from books, so The Complete Guide to Playing Blues guitar contains over 150 professionally recorded audio examples which are written in standard notation and tab. Every aspect of playing great blues guitar is covered, building from first principles such as blues rhythm, riffs, structure and fills, to more advanced techniques such as approach chords, shell chords and 'drop two' chord voicings. You will also learn classic turnaround progressions, 'non-standard' blues progressions and how to play with the appropriate stylistics.

Struggling to Begin or Progress with your Blues Guitar Playing?

Often, guitarists tend to quickly plateau when learning blues guitar. They get stuck with a limited range of riffs and ideas and quickly get bored and stagnant in their rhythm playing.

Learn Blues Guitar by Mastering Essential Individual Elements

To prevent musical stagnation, The Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar teaches each individual element that contributes to playing great, grooving blues riffs. By easily mastering the component pieces, you will quickly find you can write and adlib interesting, creative rhythm guitar parts and fills with ease.

A Complete Package

Learn to develop your own:
  • Open String Riffs, Blues Chords and Rich-Sounding Extensions
  • Intros, Outros and Turnarounds
  • Lead Guitar Fills, Approach Chords, Rhythmic Placement and Groove

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