Scheduler Pro Ocx


The control ScPro.ocx is a fully interactive Gantt chart control with an amazing scheduling engine.

It is a COM component compatible with all ActiveX containers and .NET (including but not limited to Visual Studio, VB6 and Access).

This edition has an advanced scheduling engine: the scheduler can allocate a Job list on the Gantt considering non work periods, avoiding block overlapping, according to scheduling parameters and also preserving cycle sequences.

The license includes 1 year on line service/updates and the distribution is royalty free !

Some features:
- Over 60 properties, over 25 methods and over 15 events.
- Forward and finite capacity scheduling with 5 user variables
- Handling of time block sequencing to match logic links and setups
- Handling of dead zones and scheduling conflicts
- Open/Save of the gantt projects without writing any code
- Flow chart management (Pert like logical links in the Gantt area)
- Non-work period management: the time blocks automatically stretch on non-work periods
- Time block overlapping management: the time blocks automatically avoid overlapping with other blocks
- Find first free period method: a fast way to know if there is room for a block in a specific resource or period
- Resource grouping management, tooltip personalization, different gantt behavior setting and much more.

In case of order you will be granted of 1 year of on line service ( and any upgrade of the ActiveX that will be available in the the mentioned period.