The Funnel and the Pyramid


Meet GAMESbrief’s striking new poster: the Funnel & the Pyramid.

The Funnel and the Pyramid are the two concepts that underpin every successful game and games business. They describe and guide a business that reaches the right audience, holds on to it and makes money from it, and a game which is fun, free, compelling and yet deep enough to engage players for months or years.

GAMESbrief has created a striking large-format poster that sums up the Funnel and the Pyramid in a clear, direct way. Put this poster over your desk or on your office wall - it’ll remind you of the key to success every time you glance at it, putting you back on track and helping you to run a better business and make better games.

We’re shipping three versions of the poster - an A3, high quality print on premium silk paper, an A2 version, ideal for the office wall, and a premium framed A3 print which is ready to hang in its beautiful white frame.

We are also making an A4 version available to you to download free here. This is available under a Creative Commons license.

Understand the Funnel and the Pyramid. Remind yourself of them every day. Run a great business and make great games.

(*The Pyramid and Funnel free download is available under an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported. That means you can download and print the poster for free, but you can’t sell it.)
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