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How to Publish a Game - ebook copy


It's time to take back control.

There has never been a better time to be a game developer. The audience is exploding, new distribution channels mean that developers can talk directly to their consumers and the power of publishers is eroding.

There's nothing stopping developers from publishing games themselves. Nothing, that is, except the need to understand sales, marketing, finance and distribution. The challenges of knowing which of the eight different ways of making money most suit your game. The difficulty of understanding how to offer your game for free and still be insanely profitable.

How to Publish a Game answers all of these questions and more. It offers theoretical and practical advice on:
  • Which skills you need to self-publish, and where to find them
  • How to use the power of free to build a community
  • Harnessing social networks to drive usage and revenue
  • How to find the money to make all this possible.

With 200 pages jam-packed with advice, case studies and lessons learned, including contributions from Mark Morris (Introversion), Charles Cecil (Revolution), Dene Carter (Fluttermind), Dave Castelnuevo (Pocket God), Paul Farley (TAG Games) and many more, How to Publish a Game will show YOU how to make money from publishing a game.