The F2P Game Design Toolbox - Spiralbound Full-colour


Creating and running a free-to-play game can be a minefield. Even for the most talented and experienced developers, a new business model means learning new ways of thinking and approaching every aspect of your game. You need to know how to ask the right questions and reach the right answers to make sure your game is fun, likeable and profitable. This book is a collection of 54 essential tools that are used by the world's best game developers - a toolbox of practical, clearly explained questions and approaches that will help you make better games and build a better business.

Designed to be used actively at the centre of your development process, this full-colour book allows you to consult summary cards alongside insightful analysis from Rob Fahey and Nicholas Lovell. The spiralbound format means that you will keep topics open on your desk, so that you can start putting these lessons into practice right away.
"Never before have I seen such an incredible amount of F2P game design wisdom in such a small space! This is, by far, the best F2P design book I've ever read, and the best game design book I've seen this year. Whether you are new or old to F2P, you can't afford to miss this amazing book!"

Jesse Schell


Alex Rigopulos