EasyBooks caters to your specific needs with three different plans available on a monthly subscription, rather than an upfront fee. Each plan has different features, so you'll only ever pay for the features you actually need.

Steel Plan


Our basic plan is aimed at customers using Easy Invoice. If you are using our bookkeeping package "Easy Books", please see the Bronze, Silver and Gold Plans.

• One subscription for both Mac and iOS
Multiple Businesses, Unlimited Invoices
Continuous Online Backup
Syncing between devices
App updates

You might find the service useful if:

* You want to enter sales away from the office.
* You and a business partner both run Easy Invoice.
* You have an iPad and an iPhone or Mac.
* You forget to make regular backups.

You can choose a service plan from the options below.

  • Steel Plan for Easy Books & Easy Invoice $80.00 Yearly
  • Steel Plan for Easy Books & Easy Invoice $10.00 Monthly